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Each year the society publishes its journal, Morgannwg. First published in 1957, it has made a major contribution to the understanding of the history of Glamorgan. 

Each issue contains several articles, and contributors include many well-known academics and local historians, all with an in depth knowledge of their subject. In addition to the main articles, regular features include accounts of recent archaeological discoveries, news from the Glamorgan Archives in Cardiff and the West Glamorgan Archive Service and Richard Burton Archives in Swansea, book reviews, and shorter articles under the heading Notes & Queries.

The full text of all earlier volumes of Morgannwg from volume 1 (1957) to volume 48 (2004) is freely available on the Welsh Journals Online website

Copies of Morgannwg from 2005 to date can be ordered by post. The articles in each are listed below. If you would like to order a volume, download the order form and follow the instructions. This is an Adobe PDF document, and will openSaturday  in a new window.

Volume 61, 2017
Morgannwg 2017Madeleine Gray, An unrecorded triple cross slab at St Mary Jill

Gerald Gabb, Swansea and the traders from the Channel Islands

Craig Owen Jones, Women's cricket in Victorian Wales

J. Graham Jones, T. I. Mardy Jones MP and the politics of Pontypridd

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Volume 60, 2016
Morgannwg 2016Jason Chess, 'The outward figure and presentment of the clerics of the ancient celtic church': some lapidary evidence from Glamorgan

B. M. Lodwick, Edward Cressett, a Georgian bishop with a Neath Abbey connection

T. G. Davies, 'To take stock of the past': some aspects of the history of medicine in Neath

Christabel Hutchings, T. H. Thomas's oil painting: 'sackcloth and ashes, tip girls leaving work, South Wales Coal District'

Gerald Charmley, Reviving Liberal fortunes: the East Glamorgan Liberals and the 1910 Parliamentary vacancy

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Volume 59, 2015
Morgannwg 2015

Craig Owen Jones, 'Roc ar y Waun': an early Welsh-language rock festival in Glamorgan

David Michael, 'But the hand of the diligent maketh rich': the development of Friendly Societies in Neath

Ivor Thomas Rees, Five Morriston men: from the works floor to the director's chair and what they and their families gained

Stephen Daniel, The patronage and benefaction of Cistercian monasteries in the frontier zones of the Marcher Lordship of Glamorgan, 1130-c. 1256: Neath and Margam Abbeys

Melissa Julian-James, Finding Caerau: the 'lost' hillfort of Cardiff in the Middle Ages

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Volume 58, 2014
Morgannwg 2014

John Morgan-Guy, Cardiff and the Bubonic Plague 1900-1901

Gerard Charmley, W. Pritchard Morgan (1844-1924): adventurer in politics

David Lewis, John North, 'The Nitrate King', in Glamorgan

Ben Curtis, The South Wales Miners' Federation and the perception and representation of risk and danger in the coal industry 1898-1947

Michael Statham, The history of Radyr Quarry and Radyr Stone

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Volume 57, 2013
Morgannwg 2013

Obituary: Gareth Elwyn Jones (1939-2013)

T. G. Davies, 'To clear the ducts': early examples of the relationship between legal and medical practice in parts of Glamorgan

Roger L. Brown, The Revd Edward Davies (1756-1831) versus the men of Gower

Conall Boyle, Beulah, the round chapel, Margam: 1838, an architectural conundrum

Diane Brook, A short history of Roath Mill

Andrew Hignell, Alexandra Park Cardiff's first-ever purpose-built sports ground

Michael Statham, Pennarth Alabaster a brief history

Christabel Hutchings, 'Another bother at the museum': John Storrie in conflict with John Ballinger

Philip Tibbetts, The Glamorgan chevronnels: development of a traditional emblem and county flag

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Volume 56, 2012

Morgannwg 2012

Madeleine Gray, The well and shrine of the Virgin Mary at Margam

Hilary M. Thomas, Catherine Edwin (1702-1773): Sir Humphrey's Moravian granddaughter

B. M. Lodwick, Aspects of cathedral reform at Llandaff in the mid-nineteenth century

Richard L. Ollerton, Hereford cider, Worcester leather, Birmingham iron, Rhondda coal: foundations of a Welsh coal-mining dynasty

Harold Polins, Jews of Bridgend and district

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Volume 55, 2011

Morgannwg 2011

Stephen K. Roberts, The Llanblethian Ghost (1839) and the Cowbridge Cymreigyddion: an episode from a Glamorgan Cranford?

B. M. Lodwick, John Probyn, first Dean of Llandaff, 1840-43

T. G. Davies, A 'voluntary contracted madness': the alcohol problem in parts of nineteenth-century Glamorgan

Alun Burge, 'Not many of us know our own strength': exploring early co-operation in South Wales

Hilary M. Thomas, Searching for gardeners in Glamorgan

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Volume 54, 2010

Morgannwg 2010

John O. Morley, Reflections on the role of the Sussex ironmasters in Elizabethan Glamorgan

W. T. R. Pryce, 'Yncl Cardiff', the Gwent semi-national Chair Eisteddfod, 1899-1913, Bethel Baptist Chapel in Cardiff Docks and a two-manual pipe-organ

Gerard Charmley, Alderman Robert Bird of Cardiff (1839-1909): unity and disunity

D. Gerald O. James, For valour: George Henry Prowse, VC, DCM, RNVR. Swansea's forgotten hero

Andrew Hignell, Urban or rural? The search for the real home of cricket in South Wales

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Volume 53, 2009

Morgannwg 2009

Gwynedd O. Pierce, Ffwrwmishta

Steve Belzak, The first and the last: a short political biography of T. A. Lewis MP

William Linnard, Hunting honey in the Vale of Neath

Russell Deacon, 'Statues and newspaper wars': Cardiff town and city politics (1868-1908)

Christopher Miers, Ynyspenllwch and its owners

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Volume 52, 2008

Morgannwg 2008

Geraint H. Jenkins, 'The Taffy-land historians have hitherto been sad dogs for the most part': Iolo Morgannwg the historian

B. M. Lodwick, William Adams, a distinguished eighteenth-century Archdeacon of Llandaff

Craig Owen Jones, A localised irritation?: the revolt of Llywelyn Bren outside Glamorgan

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Volume 51, 2007

Morgannwg 2007

Rhidian Griffiths, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau in its musical context

T. G. Davies, Some early Glamorgan contributions to medical journals

Roger Lee Brown, The captain's brother: Thomas Gronow, vicar of Cadoxton and rector of Cilybebyll

Ivor Thomas Rees, Electoral battles in Gower, 1910

Jean Silvan Evans, Welsh Methodism writ small: the relationship of Howell Harris with one Methodist society

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Volume 50, 2006

Morgannwg 2006

Gwynedd O. Pierce, The Glamorgan History Society and Morgannwg: the early years

Bruce Copplestone-Crow, Apud castellum de Sancta Julitta: a castle of the Reigny family in Glamorgan

Stephen K. Roberts, 'Specially trusted by the Parliament': Thomas Carne of Brocastle, a lost Civil War commander

Donald Moore, Visions of the Vale

Muriel E. Chamberlain, Travelling for pleasure in Victorian times

Gareth Elwyn Jones, Axis of power: London and Cardiff (via Bournemouth)

D. Huw Owen, Chapels of Glamorgan: a bibliographical survey, 1981-2006

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Volume 49, 2005

Morgannwg 2005

Obituary: Sir Glanmor Williams, FBA (1920-2005)

John Morgan-Guy, The Margam Concordantiae: mystical theology and a twelfth-century Cistercian community in Wales

B. M. Lodwick, 'Poor Landaff' during the episcopate of John Tyler, 1706-1724

Hilary M. Thomas, 'With this ring' - the importance of the heiress in the descent of three Glamorgan estates

J. Graham Jones, John Littlejohns, Matt Giles and the ILP at Swansea: some new evidence

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